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The Definitive Guide to iReport (Expert's Voice)

JasperForge.org is the open source development portal for the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite, the JasperSoft Business Intelligence solution that delivers comprehensive tools for data access, data integration, analysis, and reporting, including iReport. This definitive, authoritative book covers the following:
  • Covers iReport as an intuitive and easy-to-use visual report builder/designer for JasperReports, written in 100% pure Java.
  • Shows how users can visually edit complex reports with charts, images, and subreports, as iReport is integrated with leading open source chart libraries for Java
  • Demonstrates how the data to print can be retrieved through several methods including multiple JDBC connections, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML, MDX, EJBQL, Hibernate, and so forth

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the iReport and JasperReports installation process and fundamental concepts.
  • Build your very first simple report.
  • Set up and implement types of datasources including a JDBC connection, a custom datasource, and XML datasources.
  • Explore iReport plug-ins.
  • Create simple and complex charts.

Who is this book for?

This book is for business intelligence reporting tool users and developers who have a background primarily in Java and Java EE.

About the Author

Giulio Toffoli is a senior software engineer at JasperSoft Corporation, where he serves as the iReport project leader. He has been developing Java applications since 1999 and founded the iReport project in 2001. During this time, Giulio has enjoyed designing complex software architectures and implementing custom software solutions with a focus on desktop and multitiered, web-based, client-server applications using Java (J2EE/JEE) and open source technologies. Giulio has a degree in computer science from the University of Bologna and currently resides in Italy.
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