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The Linux Programmer's Toolbox (Prentice Hall Open Source Software Development Series)

Master the Linux Tools That Will Make You a More Productive Programmer

Linux comes with an extraordinary collection of power tools for C and C++ developers. The Linux Programmer's Toolbox helps you leverage all that power and productivity--without mastering endless syntax options, tracking down hard-to-find documentation, or reading kernel source code. John Fusco systematically illuminates today's best open source tools, explaining which to choose, where to find them, how to use them, and why you'd want to.

You'll start by walking through installing, patching, and managing software development tools on your Linux system. Next, you'll discover the right tools to solve real-world problems at every stage of your project, from coding to revision control, debugging to performance optimization. Fusco's concise, practical examples are designed for clarity--and easy modification to your needs.

Coverage includes

  • Maximizing productivity with editors, revision control tools, source code browsers, and "beautifiers"
  • What programmers should know about the kernel: interpreting what your tools are telling you
  • Understanding processes--and the tools available for managing them
  • Debugging IPC with shell commands: signals, pipes, sockets, files, and IPC objects
  • Optimizing program code with sar, vmstat, iostat, and other tools
  • Tracing and resolving application bottlenecks with gprof and valgrind
  • Using printf, gdb, and other essential debugging tools
  • Streamlining and automating the documentation process
  • Finding help, solutions, and workarounds when you need them
About the Author

John Fusco, a Senior Software Engineer at GE Healthcare, has spent ten years developing high performance UNIX and Linux medical imaging software and device drivers. Previously, he developed advanced UNIX-based software and systems for the U.S. Navy. His articles have appeared in Embedded Systems Programming and Linux Journal.

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