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The New Reality of Wall Street

The New Reality of Wall Street, 9780071417532 (0071417532), McGraw-Hill, 2003
"A lively, provocative, and comprehensive economic critique and analysis of investment intended for perilous periods and likely to be of enduring value."--Lawrence A. Cunningham, Author and Professor, Boston College

"Tracing the history of investment from the South Sea Bubble to America's bubble economy of the 1990s, Don Coxe has provided an excellent survival guide for understanding the financial markets of the 21st century."--David Hale, Global Economist, Hale Advisors LLC

"This is a clever, witty, and interesting book. It could only have been written by a historian/philosopher with years of investing experience. There are valuable insights and lessons here that are historically, philosophically, economically, and financially based. This book sets a framework necessary for anyone investing in the 21st century."--Robert C. Klemkowsky, Chairperson, Finance Department, Fred T. Greene Professor of Finance, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

The New Reality of Wall Street provides specific techniques investors can use to uncover solid investments and rebuild their investment portfolios. Filled with useful and rational insights into the often irrational behavior of investors and markets, this timely book features

  • In-depth analysis of how long the current Triple Waterfall environment should last--and what investors can do to weather the storm
  • Strategies for seeing warning signs of--and sidestepping--the potential price dangers of deflation
  • Investment alternatives to hedge against equity portfolio risks
  • Insights into the unique risks a bear market holds for the dollar

Say the words "Triple Waterfall," and seasoned market vets will smile knowingly. The New Reality of Wall Street details how millions of investors both small and large ignored the obvious dangers and were sucked into the market's downward spiral--and provides a step-by-step program for both recovering from the recent deluge and prospering in the new investment environment.

The New Reality of Wall Street tells investors where to look, and what to look for, to both lock in profits and protect against risks in today's seemingly chaotic, Triple Waterfall markets. Donald Coxe, one of today's most successful and influential institutional investing practitioners, applies the lessons of history to the current boom-and-bust market environment. His battle-hardened findings and insights will show you how to

  • Understand and profit from the Triple Waterfall phenomenon
  • Forecast which direction inflation will turn . . . and when . . . and why
  • Look beyond U.S. borders to uncover investment opportunities overseas
About the Author

Donald Coxe is chairman and chief strategist at Harris Investment Management, Inc., and manager of the Harris Insight Equity Fund. Coxe is a contributing editor to MacLean's and a former associate editor of National Review.

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