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The Next Leap in Productivity: What Top Managers Really Need to Know about Information Technology

What Top Managers Really Need to Know about Information Technology

"These kinds of productivity principles are not mere theory. When we put these same principles into effect, our productivity went up more than we had thought possible. And our employee morale went up, too. It became easier to write code the right way and harder to make stupid mistakes. This new way of creating software makes it possible for us to concentrate on what we really want to do here at Cisco, which is to improve the Internet for everybody."
—Andy Chessin, Senior Technical Lead, CISCO, Inc.

"When people complain that technology is out of control, they often say that 'complexity is the problem'—but Adam Kolawa invites us to look deeper, and recognize that the actual problem is the lack of a reliable, reproducible process for creating complex systems that work the first time. His call to action is aimed, not only at CIOs, but at CEOs and other business strategists who need to keep pace with the accelerating evolution of global markets. Don't read his book to learn more about IT: Read it to change the way you think about empowering and transforming your organization."
—Peter Coffee, Director of Platform Research, salesforce.com

What You Really Need to Know about IT

Brash, irreverent, intelligent, and original, The Next Leap in Productivity offers a vision of the future in which complex enterprise software can be developed so quickly and so easily that it becomes essentially "disposable."

Two "quantum leaps" can occur when IT is properly understood and utilized by top management. Radical improvements will take place in the productivity of:

  • Individual programmers and programmer teams when they build software the proper way

  • The entire enterprise, with proper executive action, after the first leap has occurred

The Next Leap in Productivity tackles the sticky issues of software development from the enterprise business perspective, blending commentary from CEOs, CIOs, software architects, development managers, project managers, analysts and senior executives from major corporations including Citigroup, First Data Corporation, Kelley Blue Book, the New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Priceline.com, among others.

About the Author

Adam Kolawa, PhD, is CEO and cofounder of Parasoft, a respected global provider of software solutions and services. He has been granted sixteen patents for his recent inventions, was awarded the Los Angeles Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the software category and was recognized by eWeek as one of the 100 Most Influential People in IT. He is the coauthor of Automated Defect Prevention: Best Practices in Software Management, published by Wiley, as well as Bulletproofing Web Applications.

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