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The Portable MBA in Project Management

This book is intended for the leaders of this emerging entity known as the
project-based organization. CIOs, department managers, program managers,
and senior project managers being challenged to implement project management—
to formalize the processes of managing projects—will find strategies
and standards for leveraging the proven discipline of project management.

For our purposes, the project-based organization can be a department, division,
or entire company. Government agencies and nonprofits should consider
themselves candidates as well as for-profit businesses. The traditional projectbased
firms often focused on a few very large projects or programs. The new
breed of multiproject enterprise is often comprised of many smaller, independent
projects. Optimizing performance on one project is already difficult. Optimizing
performance across many concurrent projects requires a conscious
method of management. As we optimize the project portion of the business, we
cannot afford to ignore the nonproject side. The goal of this book is to provide
the methods and framework necessary to run an organization that must successfully
deliver many independent projects.
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