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The qmail Handbook

The qmail Handbook, 9781893115408 (1893115402), Apress, 2001
  • Provides thorough instruction for installing, configuring, and optimizing qmail
  • Includes coverage of secure networking, troubleshooting issues, and mailing list administration
  • Covers what system administrators want to know by concentrating on qmail issues relevant to daily operation
  • Includes instructions on how to filter spam before it reaches the client

The qmail Handbook will guide system and mail administrators of all skill levels through installing, configuring, and maintaining the qmail server. Author Dave Sill, a long-time qmail user and system administrator, as well as the author of the popular online tutorial “Life with qmail,” exposes readers to all practical aspects of working with this popular mail server.

This definitive guide begins with a discussion of qmail’s history, architecture, and features and then goes into a through investigation of the installation and configuration process. Readers will learn how to install qmail on several operating systems and gain valuable insight into proper configuration, testing procedures, and performance tuning, all of which are integral to a properly functioning production environment mail server. Readers will also learn how to administer users and mail, install filters, and oversee daily qmail operation and maintenance. Throughout, Sill focuses on topics essential to all mail administrators, elaborating upon such subjects as configuring mailing list managers, controlling spam, secure networking, scanning for viruses, hosting virtual domains and users, and creating dial-up clients.

The qmail Handbook is the ultimate resource for administrators and developers needing to master the functionality of the powerful qmail software.

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