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The Scrum Field Guide: Agile Advice for Your First Year and Beyond (2nd Edition)


Extensively revised to reflect improved Scrum practices and tools, this edition adds an all-new section of tips from the field. 

The 1st Edition has a 5-Star Amazon Customer Rating and 135 reviews.

Thousands of organizations are adopting Scrum to transform the way they execute complex projects, in software and beyond. This guide will give you the skills and confidence needed to deploy Scrum, resulting in high-performing teams and satisfied customers. Drawing on years of hands-on experience helping companies succeed, Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) Mitch Lacey helps you overcome the major challenges of Scrum adoption and the deeper issues that emerge later.

Lacey covers many new topics, including immersive interviewing, collaborative estimation, and deepening business alignment. In 35 engaging chapters, you'll learn how to build support and maximize value across your company.
Now part of the renowned Mike Cohn Signature Series on agile development, this pragmatic guide addresses everything from establishing roles and priorities to determining team velocity, setting sprint length, and conducting customer reviews.
Coverage includes
  • Bringing teams and new team members on board
  • Creating a workable definition of "done"
  • Planning for short-term wins, and removing impediments to success
  • Balancing predictability and adaptability in release planning
  • Running productive daily scrums
  • Fixing failing sprints
  • Accurately costing projects, and measuring the value they deliver
  • Managing risks in dynamic Scrum projects
  • Prioritizing and estimating backlogs
  • Working with distributed and offshore teams
  • Institutionalizing improvements, and extending agility throughout the organization
Packed with real-world examples straight from Lacey's experience, this book will be invaluable to anyone transitioning to Scrum, seeking to improve their early results, or trying to get back on track.
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