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The Strategy Gap: Leveraging Technology to Execute Winning Strategies


Praise for The Strategy Gap

"With a better handle on the financial pulse of the business, enterprises will be better able to meet the Street’s expectations of financial transparency and corporate accountability. The writers do a masterful job of getting readers to this point of awareness, and further display their insight by explaining how corporate performance management (CPM) and finance are essentially ‘joined at the hip’ in concept and execution. This interdependence must be embodied in methodology and technology for CPM to work. Chapter ten (What Lies Ahead) is a must-read for C-level executives–and their IT counterparts–that want to quickly catch up on some of the new technologies shaping CPM and finance."
–Alan Y. C. Yong
Director, Financial Analytics
Aberdeen Group

"This book is a must-read for all students of business, from college students to CEOs. The authors have an uncanny ability to create excitement on topics that have been a part of business vocabulary for a long time. Without doubt, this book will also affect the thinking of software innovators who see opportunities for a new generation of software to support the book’s concepts and theories."
–Dr. G. R. Wagner
Distinguished Professor
Peter Kiewit Institute
University of Nebraska

"The Strategy Gap provides a pragmatic insight into where the barriers to execution of a corporate strategy are. Backed by excellent examples, we’re shown not just ‘here’s what you should do’ but also ‘here’s how to do it.’ The book helps make the black art of turning strategy into tactics a clearer process that is more accessible to those who need it. The Strategy Gap is almost a handbook of how to take strategic decisions and support their execution with the help of information technology."
–Rick Crandall
Giga Information Group

"This book authoritatively describes the disconnect between many companies’ strategic planning efforts and the successful implementation of the plans. It combines academic rigor and practical ‘how to.’ It brings strategists’ and technologists’ knowledge together in a very insightful, readable, and useful book."
–Hugh Watson
C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry Chair of Business Administration
Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

About the Author

MICHAEL COVENEY is Senior Director of Strategy Management for Comshare, Incorporated, a leading provider of software to help companies implement and execute strategy.
DENNIS GANSTER is Chairman, President, and CEO of Comshare.
BRIAN HARTLEN is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Comshare.
DAVE KING, PhD, is Senior Vice President of Product Development as well as Chief Technology Officer for Comshare.

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