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The Tomes of Delphi : Basic 32-Bit

Developer's Guide to Delphi Communications is another addition to the highly successful Delphi series from Wordware. This is the only title on the market that provides a comprehensive overview to the communications capability of Delphi relative to the major communications protocols, such as TCP/IP, MAPI, SMTP, and HTTP.

Reliable communications using computers has been important for a long time,
starting with DOS bulletin boards and the early days of the Internet. In this
book, we will provide an introduction to two of the essential communications
technologies, Windows Sockets (Winsock), the backbone of the Internet on the
Windows platform, and the Telephony Application Programming Interface

We will provide a complete introduction to Winsock and basic TAPI. We had
originally planned on covering many of the other Internet technologies and the
entire TAPI, but discovered that the material was too extensive to do justice to
any of these technologies. We plan to write another book dealing with advanced
communications programming in which we will cover the more difficult and
newer topics. Nevertheless, this work should provide all that you will need to
write useful Internet/Intranet or telephony applications. The advanced book will
build on this foundation and provide the means for going beyond basic

This book is organized into two parts. Part I, written by John C. Penman, is a
complete introduction to Winsock programming. Chapter 1 provides an introduction
to this technology and a description of the Winsock-related chapters
that follow. Part II, written by Alan C. Moore, is a complete introduction to basic
TAPI programming. Chapter 7 provides an introduction to this technology and a
description of the TAPI-related chapters that follow. As in other volumes in
Wordware Publishing’s Tomes of Delphi series, most chapters include introductory
sections on the various technologies, a complete reference to functions,
structures, and constants, and Delphi code examples.

The book concludes with three appendices providing a glossary of essential
communications terms, information about error handling in Winsock and TAPI,
and printed and Internet resources that provide additional information and programming

Let’s begin the journey!
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