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The Ultimate Digital Music Guide: The Best Way to Store, Organize, and Play Digital Music


Iam a music lover. Big time. My wife and I try to catch at least one or two major shows a month, and I’m an “A Train” member of and frequent visitor to our local jazz club. (That’s the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis, one of the best in the nation.) I have more than 1,700 albums in my music collection, or more than 25,000 individual tracks if you count that way. I listen to jazz and rock and folk and soul, and even the occasional Broadway show tune. I’m fairly sure I know the entire Great American Songbook by heart, and can throw out the names of all the backing musicians on most of the big hits (and a lot of album cuts) pressed during the 1960s and 1970s. I play drums, piano, and a little guitar, and write books about music history and music theory and the like. I may be an expert on certain aspects of music, if that sort of thing matters or impresses you.

Everything You Need to Know about Digital Music!

Your hard-core, up-to-the-minute, how-to guide

Download, rip, store, organize, play, stream–anything, anywhere


Seriously into digital music? Best-selling how-to author, serious audiophile, and eclectic music-lover Michael Miller will help you get all the digital tunes you want, whenever and wherever you want them! Miller guides you through today’s best new options, from iTunes to Spotify…helps you make the most of social music, Internet radio, and cloud music services…even shows how to transform your home into a digital music paradise. This book is packed with practical answers, easy step-by-step instructions, insider tips, great ideas, and new music sources you never knew existed!


For everyone who’s passionate about music!

      •     Discover brand-new digital music services, sites, and devices that fit your lifestyle

      •     Find great new music on iTunes, Amazon, and sites you’ve never heard of

      •     Get the truth about piracy, file sharing, and copyright

      •     Find huge amounts of legally free music

      •     Rip, store, and organize: Build your perfect music library

      •     Determine the best audio file format and compression rate for your collection

      •     Create simply amazing playlists

      •     Stream songs anywhere, with Spotify, Pandora, Internet radio, and the cloud

      •     Get great sound from your iPod or iPhone on your home audio system

      •     Build a whole-house digital audio system, the easy way

      •     Choose your best next media player (Apple or otherwise)

      •     Find and share tunes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and beyond

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