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The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide, 9780789741004 (0789741008), Que, 2010


  • Your expert, up-to-the-minute, A-Z reference & how-to guide
  • Choose the right goals, media, & tools
  • Plan, execute, measure, & optimize
  • Avoid costly mistakes!

Now, one amazing book brings together ALL the reliable, detailed information you need to make the most of web, online, mobile, and social marketing.


It’s ALL here: SEO, pay-per-click, mobile marketing, social media marketing, “PR 2.0,” analytics, email marketing, YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook, blogs, podcasts, and much more. Discover how to choose the right approaches, combine them into a coherent, optimized strategy, and measure your results. Find realistic answers to your most crucial questions...get “from the trenches” insights that save you money...learn to drive more value faster.



  • Creating effective web/online marketing plans and budgets
  • Integrating online and traditional marketing
  • Designing great sites--including ecommerce sites
  • Getting actionable answers from web analytics
  • Profiting from search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO)
  • Executing winning pay-per-click and display ad campaigns
  • Developing effective email lists and campaigns
  • Building two-way conversations with customers and prospects
  • Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Creating an online PR media room
  • Marketing through YouTube and podcasts
  • Selling through iPhone and Android apps
  • Managing web/online marketing coherently and efficiently
  • Tracking performance--and improving it!


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About the Author


Michael Miller has written more than 100 nonfiction how-to books over the past 20 years, including Que’s YouTube for Business, Using Google AdWords and AdSense, and The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics. His other bestselling online marketing books include The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (Alpha Books), Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes (Sams), and Online Marketing Heroes (Wiley).


Mr. Miller has established a reputation for clearly explaining technical topics to nontechnical readers, and for offering useful real-world advice about complicated topics. More information can be found at the author’s website, located at www.molehillgroup.com.

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Game Developer's Marketplace
Game Developer's Marketplace
In 1995 I got a call from Keith Weiskamp, who wanted me to turn a bunch of notes I was putting out on the Internet into a book about game development. That book became the Ultimate Game Developer’s Sourcebook, and it was a chance for me to really document an industry I love. It will forever hold a special place in my life.

As I set
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