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The UML Profile for Framework Architectures


The UML community has begun to define a series of 'profiles' which better suit the needs of UML-users within specific domains, settings or technologies.

The UML Profile for Framework Architectures provides a UML profile for object and component frameworks. It shows how to describe framework architectures and to support framework modeling and annotation by using UML-compliant extensions.

If you are a software developer, project manager, researcher or student interested in design patterns, framework technology or UML, this book is essential reading. It will enable you to:

  • Understand the basic elements of the UML-F profile and to harness UML to support framework development more effectively.
  • Define UML-F tags for domain-specific design patterns.
  • Learn a real-world approach for framework design, development and adaptation, through practical hints and guidelines.
  • Apply UML-F, illustrated by the sample framework JUnit and a framework for embedded control system.



  • Real-world case studies, introducing eXtreme Design concepts and how to put the process you have learned to work.
  • Cookbook of generic 'recipes' that guide you through the framework adaptation process and help you accomplish specific tasks.
  • Accompanying website http://www.UML-F.net containing Java source code for all the examples described in the book, additional examples, complementary papers and UML-F presentation slides.


About the Author

Wolfgang Pree is professor of computer science at the University of Constance, Germany until the end of 2001, moving to the University of Salzburg, Austria, in 2002. He has worked for several years in various areas of software engineering, in particular focusing on object technology, software architectures, frameworks, and human-computer interaction. Wolfgang is the author of Design Patterns for Object-Oriented Software Development (Addison-Wesley/ACM Press, 1995).

Marcus Fontoura has led several framework projects in the last four years and specializes in Web-based software development and service-oriented architectures. He has recently held research posts at the Computer Systems Group, University of Waterloo, Canada, and Princeton University Computer Science Department, U.S.A. He is currently a research staff member at the Computer Science Department, IBM Almaden Research Center.

Bernhard Rumpe is leading consulting and research projects on software engineering technology, such as UML, frameworks, modeling notations, object-technology, and lightweight and agile development processes at the Technische Universitaet MUenchen. His primary interest is to enhance the foundations of software and systems engineering to achieve a problem-adequate portfolio of software development skills that improve the quality and time-to-market of the product as well as allowing a better prediction in the development process.

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