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Thinking in Java (4th Edition)

Thinking in Java (4th Edition), 9780131872486 (0131872486), Prentice Hall, 2006

Thinking in Java has earned raves from programmers worldwide for its extraordinary clarity, careful organization, and small, direct programming examples. From the fundamentals of Java syntax to its most advanced features, Thinking in Java is designed to teach, one simple step at a time.

  • The classic object-oriented introduction for beginners and experts alike, fully updated for Java SE5/6 with many new examples and chapters!
  • Test framework shows program output.
  • Design patterns are shown with multiple examples throughout: Adapter, Bridge, Chain of Responsibility, Command, Decorator, Facade, Factory Method, Flyweight, Iterator, Data Transfer Object, Null Object, Proxy, Singleton, State, Strategy, Template Method, and Visitor.
  • Introduction to XML for data transfer; SWT, Flash for user interfaces.
  • Completely rewritten concurrency chapter gives you a solid grasp of threading fundamentals.
  • 500+ working Java programs in 700+ compiling files, rewritten for this edition and Java SE5/6.
  • Companion web site includes all source code, annotated solution guide, weblog, and multimedia seminars.
  • Thorough coverage of fundamentals; demonstrates advanced topics.
  • Explains sound object-oriented principles.
  • Hands-On Java Seminar CD available online, with full multimedia seminar by Bruce Eckel.
  • Live seminars, consulting, and reviews available. See www.MindView.net

Download seven free sample chapters from Thinking in Java, Fourth Edition. Visit http://mindview.net/Books/TIJ4.

About the Author

Bruce Eckel is president of MindView, Inc. (www.MindView.net), which provides public and private training seminars, consulting, mentoring, and design reviews in object-oriented technology and design patterns. He is the author of several books, has written more than fifty articles, and has given lectures and seminars throughout the world for more than twenty years. Bruce has served as a voting member of the C++ Standards Committee. He holds a B.S. in applied physics and an M.S. in computer engineering.

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