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Tricks of the eBay Masters

Tricks of the eBay Masters, 9780789732903 (0789732904), Que, 2004

Ever wonder how eBay PowerSellers got to be so successful? Wonder no more. Tricks of the eBay Masters is full of advice and over 600 tricks from expert eBay users. They learned by doing and are now going to pass on their wisdom to you. Find out how to jazz up your auction listings with HTML, how to increase buyer traffic through key words and how to use photos to increase your selling potential. You'll even get tips on where to find items to sell, how to pack your items better and how to ship cheaply. Also find out what not to do as the experts give you examples of mistakes they made early in their eBay careers and how not to repeat them. Increase your auction income and successful bidding through Tricks of the eBay Masters.

This is the most unusual book I’ve ever written. And I’ve written a lot, somewhere
north of 60 books in the past 15 years or so—including four other books on eBay
and online shopping. But this one takes the cake; it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever

What makes Tricks of the eBay Masters such an unusual book—and why should you

The book you hold in your hands is unusual in that while I wrote the words, most of
the ideas inside came from other people—from close to 200 other people, to be precise.
These people just happen to be eBay buyers and sellers, successful ones, who
were willing to share some of the secrets of their success. Those secrets are the
“tricks” in this book, tips and advice you can use to become more successful at your
eBay transactions.

And that’s where this book is different from any other eBay book on the market, and
what makes it especially valuable to you. Yeah, I can tell you everything I know
about eBay, but that’s just one person’s opinion—based on one person’s experience.
How much better to learn from the experience of 200 people, all of them Masters at
eBay buying and selling. These are tricks learned from hard experience, and they’re
presented here in one place, the better for you to benefit.

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