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UML for Java Programmers

UML for Java Programmers, 9780131428485 (0131428489), Prentice Hall, 2003
All the UML Java developers need to know

You don't use UML in a vacuum: you use it to build software with a specific programming language. If that language is Java, you need UML for Java Programmers. In this book, one of the world's leading object design experts becomes your personal coach on UML 1&2 techniques and best practices for the Java environment.

Robert C. Martin illuminates every UML 1&2 feature and concept directly relevant to writing better Java software--and ignores features irrelevant to Java developers. He explains what problems UML can and can't solve, how Java and UML map to each other, and exactly how and when to apply those mappings.

  • Pragmatic coverage of UML as a working tool for Java developers
  • Shows Java code alongside corresponding UML diagrams
  • Covers every UML diagram relevant to Java programmers, including class, object, sequence, collaboration, and state diagrams
  • Introduces dX, a lightweight, powerfully productive RUP & XP-derived process for successful software modeling
  • Includes a detailed, start-to-finish case study: remote service client, server, sockets, and tests
About the Author
ROBERT C. MARTIN is President of Object Mentor Inc., a leading consultancy in object-oriented design, patterns, UML, agile methodologies, and eXtreme programming. He authored the JOLT Award-winning publication Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices (Prentice Hall) and the best-selling Designing Object-Oriented C++ Applications Using the Booch Method (Prentice Hall). He edited Pattern Languages of Program Design 3 (Addison-Wesley), edited More C++ Gems, and co-authored XP in Practice with James Newkirk (Addison-Wesley). A well-known speaker at international developer's events, Martin edited the C++ Report for four years.

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