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University of the World: A Case for a World University System


In this book, Dieter Lenzen analyzes the world's three major educational systems: the Continental-European, the Atlantic (Anglo-American) and the East Asian. Distancing himself from the current trend towards the economically driven Anglo-American system of education, the author proposes an alternative model, "a university of the world".


·         Three concepts of the university in the globalization process

·         The dynamics of global social systems

·         Global challenges in the post-secondary educational sector as springboard for comparing systems

·         Convergence and divergence: current system dynamics in the post-secondary sector

·         Can there be fair chances in a world university system?

·         Conclusion

Target readers:

·         Theorists of higher education

·         Policy makers of higher education

·         Administrators of higher education

·         Social scientists

The author:

Professor Dr. Dieter Lenzen is the president of Universität Hamburg, vice president of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) in Germany and the German universities' spokesperson for the HRK.

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