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Unlocking Microsoft C# V 2.0 Programming Secrets (Wordware Applications Library)


Unlocking Microsoft C# v2.0 Programming Secrets provides a guide for working with the Visual C# compiler. From discussions of the IDE and the basics of code placement in C# to the creation of message boxes and menus, this book details how to insert common algorithmic functions in C# into one’s source code.

Learn how to:

  • Pass information from one window to another.
  • Use classes, constructors, and overloading in Visual C# code.
  • Convert between data types.
  • Display and plot data.
  • Create, read, and write files.
  • Use logic statements for decision making.
  • Enable and disable controls.
  • Build a top-level program and an install program for groups of executables.
  • Create a project icon.

About the Author

Richard Braden, Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience in advanced programming with a host of different platforms and languages. He was an instructor in the mathematics and aeronautics departments at the United States Air Force Academy, served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, and had a successful civilian career at Martin-Marietta. He has also taught programming at various universities and community colleges across the country.

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