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Visual Basic(r) 6.0 Internet Programming

Expert guidance, programming tips, and plenty of real code examples.

Visual Basic programmers, here's your chance to quickly master the knowledge and skills you need to give your Windows and NT applications sophisticated Internet utilities, components, and applets. With the help of a series of progressively complex programming examples—complete with sample code—Carl Franklin covers all the bases, from TCP/IP basics to advanced techniques for taking full advantage of version 6.0's hot new Internet programming features. Step-by-step, he schools you in:

  • VB Internet tools, techniques, and software components.
  • Programming popular Internetprotocols with WinSock Tools.
  • Writing server-based objects using apartment threading, the new VB object model.
  • Creating IIS Applications in VB 6.0.
  • Using VB 6.0's powerful new compiler to quickly create super-fast programs.

    The CD-ROM supplies you with:

  • Plug-in Visual Basic networking components.
  • Customizable Internet client programs.
  • Server-side CGI tools for easy database access.
  • Tons of useful sample code.
About the Author

CARL FRANKLIN is a freelance software developer and speaker who specializes in Visual Basic. His current company, WorldTRAIN (worldtrain.com), offers Internet-based training software and services. He has written numerous articles for publications like Visual Basic Programmers Journal and PC Magazine, and is co-proprietor of Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page (cgvb.com), the first and still the best Visual Basic site on the Internet.
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