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VMware View 5: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop (VMware Press Technology)


VMware View 5 for the Desktop



Companies that have already realized the benefits of VMware server virtualization are now discovering that

VMware View 5 offers equally powerful opportunities on the client side. VMware View 5 is a comprehensive

enterprise-class solution. But, until now, crucial information about it has been scattered throughout dozens

of technical documents. In VMware View 5, leading desktop virtualization expert Paul O’Doherty combines

this critical information with deep insights and best practices from his extensive enterprise deployment



O’Doherty walks through every step, from the earliest planning phases through configuration,

implementation, and management. He addresses important considerations ranging from changes to

end-user experience through support and performance management. You’ll learn how to plan and smoothly

stage virtual desktop infrastructure deployments, and avoid pitfalls associated with latency, scalability,

storage, and networking.


Whether you’re an architect, system administrator, or virtualization consultant, this guide’s proven

techniques can help you dramatically improve IT productivity as you build environments that are far more

flexible and easier to manage.



  • Understanding the business value of desktop virtualization, and how VMware View delivers it
  • Engaging end users in the process of delivering desktop services
  • Using vSphere virtual infrastructure to add even more value to the virtual desktop 
  • Properly installing and configuring VMware View environments, including View Persona
  • Virtualizing applications with ThinApp
  • Building and tuning virtual desktops for optimal performance
  • Managing ThinApp packages and pools in complex enterprise environments
  • Protecting virtualized desktops against malware with VMware vShield EndPoint
  • Delivering a rich, high-performance user experience
  • Using Offline Desktops to serve tablets and other mobile devices
  • Migrating from older versions of View
  • Providing high availability and addressing single points of failure
  • Monitoring and actively managing virtual desktops by integrating vCenter Operations Manager with VMware View Adapter

Paul O’Doherty is a Cloud Solution Manager at Onx.com, and has spent 20 years designing, implementing,

and managing IT infrastructures in highly available computing environments. His experience with virtualization

includes OS virtualization, storage virtualization, application virtualization, and WAN optimization. He

holds numerous industry certifications, publishes reviews at virtualization.info, and maintains the popular

virtualization site virtualguru.org.

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