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vSphere Design Best Practices

vSphere Design Best Practices, 9781782176268 (1782176268), Packt Publishing, 2014

Apply industry-accepted best practices to design reliable high-performance datacenters for your business needs with this book and ebook.


  • Learn how to utilize the robust features of VMware to design, architect, and operate a virtual infrastructure using the VMware vSphere platform
  • Customize your vSphere Infrastructure to fit your business needs with specific use-cases for live production environments
  • Explore the vast opportunities available to fully leverage your virtualization infrastructure

In Detail

vSphere allows you to transform your IT infrastructure into a private cloud, then bridge it to public clouds on-demand, delivering an IT infrastructure as an easily accessible service. vSphere delivers uncompromised control over all IT resources with the highest efficiency and choice in the industry.

The book begins with a definition of the core technologies in a virtual datacenter, vCenter, and ESXi. It then covers the architecture of specific virtual datacenter components. Readers will learn design principles related to storage and storage protocols. Moving on to networking, readers will learn to design flexible and reliable networks for their virtual datacenters. After this, Virtual Machine design considerations are reviewed in depth and readers are guided through inspecting existing VMs and design principles for correctly resourced and configured virtual machines.

What you will learn from this book

  • Examine virtual datacenter design scenarios and understand the basics of vSphere clustering, HA, and DRS
  • Compare and contrast scale-out versus scale-up designs
  • Learn to map the storage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to business requirements
  • Get to know how to design flexible and reliable networks for virtual datacenters
  • Inspect existing VMs and design principles to correctly resource and configure virtual machines
  • Design different RPO and RTO requirements to plan and test the DR strategy


An easy-to-follow guide full of hands-on examples of real-world design best practices. Each topic is explained and placed in context, and for the more inquisitive, there are more details on the concepts used.

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