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WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide

As an administrator you need a secure, scalable, resilient application infrastructure to support the developers building and managing J2EE applications and Service Oriented Architecture services. WebSphere application server, a product from IBM, is optimized to ease administration and improve runtime performance. It helps you run applications and services in a reliable, secure, and high-performance environment to ensure business opportunities are not lost due to application downtime.

It's easy to get started and tame this powerful application server when you've got this book to hand. This administration guide will help you provide an innovative, performance-based foundation to build, run, and manage J2EE applications and SOA services, offering the highest level of reliability, security, and scalability.

This book will take you through the different methods for installing WebSphere application server and demonstrate how to configure and prepare WebSphere resources for your application deployments. During configuration you will be shown how to administer your WebSphere server standalone or using the new administrative agent, which provides the ability to administer multiple installations of WebSphere application server using one single administration console. WebSphere security is covered in detail showing the various methods of implanting federated user and group repositories. The facets of data-aware and message-aware applications are explained and demonstrated giving the reader real-world examples of manual and automated deployments. Key administration features and tools are introduced, which will help a WebSphere administrator manage and tune their WebSphere implementation and application for success.

What you will learn from this book?

  • Install your applications manually and learn to automate the process using scripts
  • Secure the WebSphere application server's administrative console with different levels of access for administration
  • Save many hours of manual administrative efforts by automating the configuration of WebSphere
  • Learn how to read, configure, and search your server logs
  • Allow communication between applications by implementing Java messaging
  • Monitor performance and tune your applications and WebSphere for best performance
  • Remotely install applications on application servers using the administrative agent
  • Change application server configurations, stop and restart application servers, and create additional application servers from a single administrative console
  • Administer multiple application servers by using a single administrative console
  • Diagnose the problems using command-line tools when your WebSphere or applications are not running as they should
  • Keep your products up to date by using WebSphere product maintenance features
About the Author

Steve Robinson is an international WebSphere consultant. He has been working in IT for over 15 years and has provided solutions for many large-enterprise corporate companies across the world. Steve currently specializes in J2EE and WebSphere consulting and has both an administration and development background. Before dedicating his efforts to WebSphere, Steve was an accomplished developer and consultant for both IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft .NET. Steve Currently works for SCRev a UK company specializing in the training and support of service companies to skill their staff in IBM WebSphere, IBM Rational ClearCase, and Collabnet Subversion.

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