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Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference


The Sysinternals Suite is a set of over 70 advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting utilities for the Microsoft Windows platform written by me—Mark Russinovich—and Bryce Cogswell. Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Sysinternals in 2006, these utilities have been available for free download from Microsoft’s Windows Sysinternals Web site (part of Microsoft TechNet).

The goal of this book is to familiarize you with the Sysinternals utilities and help you understand how to use them to their fullest. The book will also show you examples of how I and other Sysinternals users have leveraged the utilities to solve real problems on Windows systems.

Although I coauthored this book with Aaron Margosis, the book is written as if I am speaking. This is not at all a comment on Aaron’s contribution to the book; without his hard work, this book would not exist.

Get in-depth guidance—and inside insights—for using the Windows Sysinternals tools available from Microsoft TechNet. Guided by Sysinternals creator Mark Russinovich and Windows expert Aaron Margosis, you’ll drill into the features and functions of dozens of free file, disk, process, security, and Windows management tools. And you’ll learn how to apply the book’s best practices to help resolve your own technical issues the way the experts do.

Diagnose. Troubleshoot. Optimize.

  • Analyze CPU spikes, memory leaks, and other system problems
  • Get a comprehensive view of file, disk, registry, process/thread, and network activity
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with Active Directory®
  • Easily scan, disable, and remove autostart applications and components
  • Monitor application debug output
  • Generate trigger-based memory dumps for application troubleshooting
  • Audit and analyze file digital signatures, permissions, and other security information
  • Execute Sysinternals management tools on one or more remote computers
  • Master Process Explorer, Process Monitor, and Autoruns
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