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Windows XP For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Covers the latest Windows XP updates including Service Pack 2

Fully revised to quickly answer your XP questions

You asked for more coverage of Outlook Express, scanning and faxing, CD burning, and more in Windows XP For Dummies — and we delivered! This updated edition is packed with answers to your Windows XP questions, from getting files and programs to work to troubleshooting common problems. Best of all, it's written in author Andy Rathbone's fun and friendly style that's made this book a bestseller for over 10 years.

Praise for Windows For Dummies

"This book feels your pain and prescribes a chuckle."
— G. David Wallace, Business Week

"Informative, friendly, conversational, and slightly irreverent. . . . It could help save you time and ease your frustration level."
— Suzanne A. Smith, San Diego Union-Tribune

"Written in a humorous style that gets the job done."
— Don Crabb, Chicago Sun-Times

Discover how to

  • Burn CDs, scan, and fax from your desktop
  • Increase security with a firewall
  • Exchange instant messages over the Internet
  • Block annoying pop-ups, viruses, and spyware
  • Customize your computer screen with your own photos
About the Author
Andy Rathbone may be the bestselling technology author ever. He has written 35 For Dummies books and is also an authority on PC hardware and entertainment technology.
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