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Winning the Knowledge Game: Smarter Learning for Business Excellence

Winning the Knowledge Game provides practical advice on the strategies, tools and systems you need to remain capable and agile in this rapidly changing business world.

To help you meet this challenge, Winning the Knowledge Game explores three questions:
* How do we open hearts and minds to smarter learning?
* How do we grow competitive advantage?
* How do we sustain and ensure lasting success?

All managers need to learn the skill of acquiring and putting knowledge to work if they are to successful.Most of all they need to learn how to play the knowledge game every day of their life.

Winning the Knowledge Game focuses on the thinking and attitudes required to remain knowledgeable, competitive and high performing.

Topics include: Having a winning strategy; improving collaboration and teamwork; creating a smarter business; competitive intelligence; protecting intellectual property; keeping talent, leveraging the latest digital technology; increasing customer loyalty and measuring the impact of your people on performance; market value and society.

Do not leave things to chance - discover the ideas and tips that will deliver a measurable improvement to your businessleadership, performance and career.

About the Author
Alastair is one of Australia's leading contemporary thinkers in modern business management and skills development. He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree, Graduate Diploma of Employment Relations, is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development and is also an Associate Fellow of the Australian Human Resource Institute.

Over the last 20 years Alastair has obtained an outstanding reputation as someone who is well researched, practical and insightful. As a presenter he demonstrates an important blend of combining excellent delivery with content rich material. His presentations draw on hundreds of learning activities and stories to make the material relevant and enjoyable. As a result individuals, teams and organisations leave with a 'bag' full of tips, strategies and ideas.

Alastair's clients include: Kellogg, Coca Cola and Vodafone

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