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Wireless Security Essentials: Defending Mobile Systems from Data Piracy

Protect your wireless systems from attack with this clear-cut guide on how to implement proven security methodologies

Effective security is the most important element now missing from most wireless networks. Vulnerabilities in these networks leave them open to eavesdropping, session highjacking, data alteration and manipulation, and an overall lack of privacy. This comprehensive book clearly shows you how to identify these vulnerabilities and protect yourself against them by building security into the network infrastructure and connected devices. Drawing on the latest research in the field, Vines offers a thorough examination of the fundamental concepts of security and basic computing technology. He first provides you with the necessary background on wireless and cellular technologies, looking at the various ways in which they are implemented. You'll then learn about a wide range of security methodologies and find out how to apply them to the wireless world. Finally, you'll confront the security challenges with wireless systems and discover all of the options available to protect your information.

A complete guide to current wireless technologies and standards, security risks, and proven security solutions, Wireless Security Essentials explores:
* Wireless data networking technologies and the wireless application protocol
* Wireless standards and technologies
* Cryptographic technologies and PKI
* Threats to personal electronic devices like Palm Wireless Handhelds, PocketPCs, Internet-enabled cell phones, and BlackBerrys
* WAP security
* Security monitoring and testing
* Hardware and software solutions

About the Author

RUSSELL DEAN VINES is founder and President of The RDV Group Inc., a New York City-based security consulting services firm. His company is active in detecting, preventing, and solving security vulnerabilities for clients in government, finance, and new media organizations. Vines is also a frequent speaker on security issues and coauthor of the bestselling book The CISSP Prep Guide: Mastering the Ten Domains of Computer Security (Wiley).
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