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Wireless Security Handbook

This book was written to give the reader a well-rounded understanding
of wireless network security. It looks at wireless from multiple perspectives,
ranging from auditor, to security architect, to hacker. This wide
scope benefits anyone who has to administer, secure, hack, or participate
on a wireless network. Going through this book, the reader will see that
it tackles the risk of wireless from many angles. It goes from a policy
level to mitigate certain risks that wireless brings. It talks about the most
cost-effective solutions to deploy wireless across a large enterprise. It talks
about financial and technical controls that one can apply to reduce any
unforeseen risk involved in a large wireless project. It covers the technical
details of how to design, build, and hack almost all wireless security

The wide scope of knowledge that this book brings will help one
become acquainted with the many aspects of wireless communications.
This book also has career advancement in mind by covering all the
objectives of the three widely upheld wireless certifications currently on
the market. These certifications are administered by Planet3 Wireless and
Cisco Systems. The focus of this book is on wireless local area networking
technologies to meet these objectives, although this book looks at the
security of almost all mobile communications. So if you are interested in
obtaining a certification or just a deep knowledge of wireless security this
book is for you.
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