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Wiring Your Digital Home For Dummies

Enjoy your home more and boost its value

Get wired for sound, home theater, VoIP, whole house Internet access, and more

If you've ever started a sentence with "I wish my home was wired for . . . ", this book is for you! Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer, a builder, or someone who just wants to talk intelligently with your contractor, you'll find out how to plan, install, and connect the wiring that lets you fill your home with the latest, coolest technology.

The CD-ROM contains the full version of HALbasic 3.7 home automation software, a $39.95 value!

HALbasic 3.7 allows you to:

  • Use voice activation to control home appliances
  • Set up schedules for home lighting
  • Control the thermostat from anywhere in the house

For details and complete system requirements, see the CD-ROM appendix.

Discover how to

  • Design your home with the necessary wiring
  • Meet code requirements
  • Plan for remote controls and automatic timers
  • Install fiber optics and a home network
  • Be prepared with a backup power system
  • Wire outdoor areas
About the Author

Dennis C. Brewer
is a certified network engineer with more than 12 years of computer technology experience.

Paul A. Brewer is a veteran electrical engineer and licensed master electrician.

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