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Xbox 360В For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

Microsoft's Xbox now accounts for 37 percent of the game console market, and the new Xbox 360 is due out for the 2005 holiday season, months before Sony's PlayStation 3. When gamers take the new Xbox home, however, they'll soon discover that it's more than a just a game machine-it's a full-fledged home media hub with more power than most PCs. This friendly guide shows how to maximize both gaming and non-gaming features of this amazing machine.
  • Topics covered include hooking up Xbox 360, taking advantage of HDTV and Dolby capabilities, using built-in digital video recording and wireless functions, storing media files, playing music, and displaying photos
  • Shows how to have even more fun by taking an Xbox online for massively multiplayer gaming, instant messaging, and more
  • Discusses the social potential of the Xbox, which people can use to make new friends, join groups and teams, and even throw fantastic parties
  • Includes tips for securing the Xbox from online threats

Play games globally with Xbox Live and use Xbox for your home theater system

X marks the box — the one with all the fun. And if you thought Xbox was just about games, this friendly book will surprise you! Sure, it'll get you all set up for gaming and Xbox Live, but then it will help you add music from CDs, play DVDs, go wireless, record games, hook your Xbox to others, and have fun in many more ways!

Discover how to

  • Connect to the Xbox 360 community
  • Back up your games
  • Use the Xbox 360 blades
  • Add specialized controllers
  • Play games on a projection screen
  • View pictures and video
About the Author

Brian Johnson
 works for Microsoft Corporation as a content strategist for MSDN. He’s an avid gamer and has been playing on the Xbox since before the release of the system. Brian is the author of a number of books including Microsoft Image Composer for Dummies, Inside Visual Studio .NET, An Insider’s Guide to Microsoft OneNote, and others. Before working at MSDN, Brian was a technical editor for Microsoft Press where he worked on a number of successful titles. In the late 1990s, he was a columnist for Microsoft Visual J++ Informant Magazine and a technical editor for Microsoft Office and VBA Developer Magazine. Brian is a former Marine Corps journalist and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

Duncan Mackenzie is a software developer at Microsoft. When the kids go to sleep, he fires up the Xbox.

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