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XML and Web Services Unleashed

XML and Web Services Unleashed, 9780672323416 (0672323419), Sams Publishing, 2002
The Extensible Markup Language is changing the way that information is being stored and exchanged. It is also changing the very way that we think about data. XML Unleashed allows you to unlock this new power and get you well on your way towards developing XML applications and systems that enable your most important business processes, or your simplest visions for data representation and exchange. Written for those already familiar with many of the concepts of XML, but still not sure how to make best use of the technologies, this book helps you become a more advanced user of XML. This book covers all the necessary topics from the basics of Document Type Definitions (DTDs) to the more advanced topics in XML database integration and the semantic web. This book is designed to be the only XML book that the reader will ever need on their shelf. XML is a standard and has become the common thread facilitating very different computer applications communicate by categorizing and tagging the data, reading, interpreting, sorting and linking the results. Within this book you will find coverage of important existing and emerging XML Standards as well as many varied and popular implementations of XML in this 21st century.We include WSDL, UDDI, SVG, ebXML Microsoft's .NET, which is the world's largest XML implementation to date and the Semantic Web which is just now being articulated.

About the Author

RON SCHMELZER- (lead author) ties all the XML chapters and topics together for us just as he does with his organization "ZapThink". Founder and senior analyst of ZapThink, Ron is a well-known expert in the field of XML and XML-based standards and initiatives. He has been featured in and written for periodicals, and has spoken at numerous industry conferences including XML One, Comdex, and Internet World on the topic of XML.

TRAVIS VANDERSYPEN- Programmer with EPS Software corporation. Five years development experience in XML, UML, XSLT, Fox Pro, HTML etc. Travis writes articles and speaks at multiple conferences on Microsoft.NET related topics.

JASON BLOOMBERG- Ashton Services. eBusiness industry expert and proven thought leader with over 6 years of technical hands-on and management experience with Internet/Web technology, and over 9 years of IT consulting experience. Program Director of on-line retail research for IDC Research, East Coast director of Technology for WaveBend.

SAM HUNTING- is truly an expert in XML/SGML DTDs, XTM (XML Topic Maps), and XML Schemas. He has crafted every phase of XML development, from client interviews, through developing requirements and specifications, to programming schemas, writing their technical documentation, and user interface development for XML tools.

MADHU SIDDALINGAIAH- Madhu Siddalingaiah is a Physicist specializing in emerging technologies like Java and the Web. Over the past 10 years, Madhu has worked with world leaders in high technology fields which include satellite instrumentation, communications receivers, and 3D graphics. His former employers include NASA Goddard, Naval Research Laboratory, Watkins- Johnson (now part of BAE Systems), and Fairchild Space & Defense (now an Orbital division).

CHAD DARBY- the founder of J9 Consulting, a Java consulting firm. He has experience developing n-tier web applications for Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense. Chad has published articles in Java Report, Java Developer's Journal, and Web Techniques. He has also been an invited speaker at conferences including SD West 99, XML DevCon 2000, and JavaCon 2000. He has co-authored several Java related titles for WROX.

MIKE QUALLS- Web Master for Minokc. Advanced ASP and Visual Basic Web Developer.

DAVID HOULDING- an Infrastructure Architect with eight years of design and development experience and a strong academic background. Experience with modeling, design and development of infrastructure for secure distributed object systems using web, wireless & voice access technologies.

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