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XML: eCommerce Solutions for Business and IT Managers


Master the very latest e-commerce solutions

XML is one of the most promising emerging technologies to hit the marketplace. XML­­Extensible Mark-Up Language­­has the potential to speed up the development of e-business integration and application efforts. Indeed, the language is so exciting that corporate support for XML is unprecedented and includes such heavyweights as IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, and Sun Microsystems. These major corporations are rapidly developing applications to leverage XML capabilities for data interoperability.

In this volume of the Emerging Business Technology Series, Solomon H. Simon presents a practical business overview of XML. This excellent "no-code" guide to XML explains clearly what XML is, where it came from, and how it can revolutionize the e-business world. Here, in accessible, reader-friendly language, Simon discusses the advantages and challenges of using XML to solve your own business integration issues.

"Hank Simon carefully explains the technical subtleties of XML in a clear business context, providing a valuable resource for IT specialists and business managers alike. Read on; I'm confident you'll get the synthesis of technical and business viewpoints that is so important for all of us to have these days."
­­From the foreword by Justin Kestelyn, Editor-in-Chief, Intelligent Enterprise

"Dr. Simon presents a bold, imperative business case for the potential of eXtensible Markup Language (XML).  He presents a compelling case for the modern business manager to use XML in e-business to save and earn billions of dollars for their companies."
­­Jack D. Davidson, MBA, Information Technology Architect

"Don't read this book and expect to learn 'How' to code with XML, but read it to find out  'Why' your corporation should already be using XML...' A great read which demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the next logical step in the evolution of Web technology."
­­R. Anne Hendrick, Specialist, Information Technology

"Solomon H. Simon has created a nontechnical introduction to the advantages of XML for managers and executives. Dr. Simon explains how executives can use this knowledge to make intelligent decisions about applying XML to effectively leverage the benefits of this new technology in their business."
­­Max Tunnicliff , Senior Specialist, Lockheed Martin

"Finally, a book that answers the question, 'What's XML good for?' Simon's book tells businesses why they need XML and provides a solid foundation for successful deployment.

About the Author
Hank Simon has more than 20 years of senior management experience with advanced Information Technology, most recently as Site Management over four consulting firms to build a cradle to grave strategic, business-based information technology architecture for a $6B retail corporation. He also consulted with Texas Instruments to build a corporate-wide Internet plan, and developed and implemented an R&D thrust leading to the implementation of a global expert system to support a very large online database service. Simon managed an R&D Department to introduce advanced information technologies into the company. He has authored 70+ articles on science and technology to trade magazines and refereed journals.

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