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You Can Pass the CPA Exam: Get Motivated!

Over the past twenty years, I have witnessed thousands of CPA candidates pass the Uniform
Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) examination. Although there are many manuals
and courses that outline the CPA exam’s technical material, there is not much available to
help CPA candidates manage the entire preparation process. This is especially true now that
the CPA exam is offered in a computerized format.

With so little information available about the new computer-based test (CBT), it is no
wonder that hundreds of candidates find themselves overwhelmed by the entire process. Now
that the exam is offered one section at a time over various time periods, more information is
needed. It is vital that CPA exam candidates understand the entire examination process, from
the simple question of: “Which section should I sit for first?” to the issue of how best to prepare
for the new simulation question format. Beginning with applying to sit for the CPA
examination, to the technical knowledge, and ending with the exam-taking process itself,
candidates need guidance. The purpose of this book is to provide such overall assistance.
With a pass rate of 40-45% per section, I know how important it is for candidates to meet the
demands of such a rigorous examination. Passing the computer-based CPA exam will continue
to be a formidable undertaking. Use the strategy and study tips outlined in this book to
maximize your study efforts and minimize your exam-taking time. Knowledge is power.

Become fully informed about the entire examination process so that you can fulfill your
dream of becoming a CPA by acting in a commanding manner. Whether you enroll in a
formal CPA course or choose to self-study, this book will help you deal with the emotional
side of your preparation process. You have made a considerable investment in your career so
far. Why waste time and money in the last leg of the journey? Passing the CPA exam is the
crowning glory of the accounting degree. Save yourself time, anxiety, stress, and energy by
doing the right things to increase your chances of passing.
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